President Barrack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden move Swiftly to Outlaw Knifes, Citizens forced to Eat with Fork and Spoons ONLY…

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Reported by: Jim Bess

14 injured in knife attack on Houston-area college campus Apr 9, 2013 3:23 p.m.
CYPRESS, Texas ( –

Over 12 people were stabbed Tuesday on the campus of Lone Star Community College campus in Cypress, Texas, after a male suspect reportedly used a small knife, ran from building to building and randomly attacking individuals along the way.

The conditions of the victims are unclear, but four were taken by life flight for treatment, which indicates severe injuries. Twelve of the victims in all were hospitalized and two refused treatment. Police got the initial report at 11:15 a.m. A suspect with a knife was reported on the sprawling campus on the Northwest side of Houston and there were reports of multiple stab victims. The school was placed on lockdown. The length of the attack is unclear, but the suspect was reportedly taken downed by a student. Police could not immediately verify that report.

Word at the Whitehouse spread fast and Staff Members were put to work immediately to prepare legislation to ban all knives from Butter knives to Assault knives. This attack profile matches the last two shooting incidents in body count but senseless violence has migrated the loud Boom Sticks to Cold Steel Madness.
Knives are more dangerous than some of these Gun Attacks considering knives are stealthy and silent and don’t provide the overly criticized gun reports people hear when attacked by a “Gun Toting Person” which actually provides a chance for victims that are assaulted by guns and rifles to actually hear shots, reports, bangs, booms or sound of brass hitting the ground. “One suggestion People when you hear these things do the SMART thing and run, don’t walk toward the villain thinking you getting a free Batman Hat.


Additional Items for Lake Worth that isn’t all that good for the Wildlife in or our of the Water

From Hatchery Road just behind the Lake Worth Dam you will find that United States Air force Base at Carswell has begun a deforestation program of any/all trees grass and other ground cover that hides the view of a beaver family. The beavers live near the dam area and, you can can hear them slapping there tails if your approaching the south-east section of the dam. My son-in-law has also noticed one of the largest beaver we have ever seen on television or in person on any state lakes such as Clear Lake, Castaic Lake, Lake Detla all from California. In Nevada we haven’t seen a female beaver on any side of Lake Powell (Utah) Quail Creek (Utah), Lake Mead, Lake Mohave (Nevada Lakes) and Lake Havasu (Arizona Lake) or most tournament lakes I have fished like Elephant Butte (Arizona). From what we could see there doesn’t seem to be a plan other than clearing the timber and brush for “National Security reasons”, and I am not quite sure there wont be more, because now I can see more equipment by where  they are launching aircraft from the north-end of the run way.

 Trust me, you will never see me hugging a tree, or try to move some cottonmouths. The rare family of beaver that was in the back end of a cove near the north end of the base where our beloved pilots take off  have now displaced them, and will most likely be forced to set up house closer to human habitat. Her and her offspring (kits) will likely have to try and make a trip to the river even further in the Texas heat witch rises up to and over 100 degrees. The Beaver is nocturnal primarily feeding on what they really prefer of  White Oak or  Birch Trees. All of the wooded areas that would have fed the beaver is now being ran through a wood chipper and sold for mulch. Beaver will be eating the bark off trees as fast they can and when the remnants of vegetation are gone they will most likely make their way into some areas where there is no current Beaver homes. Usually the homes are built on a natural stream witch is sufficient for the smaller families to survive, but this adult mother has two smaller kits that may or may not be able to find new suitable habitation. They usually store branches inside their lodges much like a squirrel does with nuts. My son in law found a piece of branch 3 inches in diameter and about 15 inches long that had been cut to length by a beaver. I joked to him that those were exactly what they consider their $5 foot long. Many of the pointed edges we found penetrate into the den or living-room providing  the beaver natural food, like a snack  you would make for kids on a on hot summer day.  Every bit of bark was off the trees where the contractors had laid waste to the trees. They had also left cases of water, Gatorade and Mountain dew strown about.  I could just see the beaver up there on the hillside in the moonlight trying to crack open a Mountain Dew. The extreme temperature of  Texas combined with the now lack of vegetation in the area does not provide enough oxygen for the variety of fish that will no longer be able to habitate the area. The displaced animals will now have to make it all the way up the river where hopefully they can survive. It was very hot one day, witch made it perfect to practice survival skills. My son in law and I went up on the bank and made a shaded lean too from  his favorite shirt, and  looked for edible berries. We found some lemon grass and bushel after bushel of wild onions. We then noticed nearly thirty baby cottontails and, tried to determine where their den was so I could show Kirk how to set up a snare catch and release for learning purposes. There will only be memories left if more of this destruction is allowed around this lake.

City News by Line and Complete Credit

Posted Jan. 11, 2012

Lake Worth Dredging Map

Dredging parts of Lake Worth will enhance water quality and recreational opportunities at the 100-year-old lake. The City Council unanimously agreed to approve spending $12.5 million from gas royalties to dredge a portion of the lake. The contract with Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. includes dredging 1.765 thousand cubic yards of sediment from the lake bottom north and west of Loop 820.

Dredging is scheduled to begin in early March and last 10-12 months. Sediment will be placed at Silver Creek Materials Inc., a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality-permitted facility. Tree stumps and other hazards will be removed also. “The long-awaited dredging of Lake Worth is the first step in establishing use-able prominence to Lake Worth,” District 7 Councilmember Dennis Shingleton said. “This dredging will allow for better recreational use, improved water quality and increased volume in the lake for storage purposes. The dredging itself will be very environmentally friendly with sensitivity to protected habitat areas and utilization of electrical pumps versus diesel-generated pumps. All water will be returned to the lake via temporary pipeline.”

The funds for the project come from natural gas leases, bonuses and royalties in an around the lake to be used to execute the Lake Worth Vision Plan. Phase 2 of the project will dredge remaining areas north and west of Loop 820 and areas east of 820.

Lake Worth Vision Plan 2011 Cover

When you think your prayers are not being answered?


Being moved by the Lord has simply put me in front of this keyboard this morning with different scriptures running through my head has me wondering how the Lord has decided to move me. It seems that the Lord is still active within our lives as we have recently been blessed as everyone prayed for my youngest daughter would get a job that would make her available daytime hours so that her children would be able to get her company.

It was a funny thing but as each of us got home or called on the phone we all said that we had taken time to step into silence just to take the time to speak to the Lord, after applying for nearly thirty jobs there was no luck and she was getting down based on that fact. But I told her that nothing comes easy sweetheart just because you want it sometimes you have to break yourself down to the point where you can belittle yourself and put yourself in someone’s hands that are bigger than yours or mine. Every time me and your mother have taken the time to ask the Lord for help he has come through whether it was something we needed right then or something he answered later, it was answered.

Faith is a walk that we all must take and to hear that even she prayed on the way to the interview, prayed during the interview and after the interview was a joy to me and her mothers heart. We felt we had been talking to a wall and with the failings of her marriage her wandering has put her daughters in a state of wandering as well. Every time we pray that the Lord will touch all of them in a way that will bring them into the grace of the Lord. But we have found that dragging them to church was not doing the trick and with one she openly tells us if God is so great why did he let my Grandma die. She is young and in High School and everything seems to fall on death ears but we pray nevertheless that she will soon realize that the taking of her Grandmother was a blessing from the pain that ravaged her body and it was something the Lord did for her out grace.

Needless to say my daughter did get the job and it was not without everyone including my granddaughter that says she is angry at God. Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I believe in my heart that this is what has touched our family and the scriptures that are so readily in mind is something that is heavy on my soul. So what happened to my short term memory loss today I don’t know but I thank the Lord for this day and all the days forward. For it is with his grace that I awake to try and live another for him and within him, so help me God.

1 Kings 8:28 (1 Kings 8)

28 Yet have regard to the prayer of your servant and to his plea, O Lord my God, listening to the cry and to the prayer that your servant prays before you this day,

2 Chronicles 6:20 (2 Chronicles 6)

that your eyes may be open day and night toward this house, the place where you have promised to set your name, that you may listen to the prayer that your servant offers toward this place.